Setting the Bar - Dispute Resolution Service

This is an affordable dispute resolution legal service. Setting the Bar is an alternative to going to court by offering a fixed price for a mediation and arbitration process.

Our service is ideally suited to disputes with amounts at stake greater than the Disputes Tribunal and less than $100,000. The process is also able to deal with non-monetary disputes. The way in which the dispute resolution process is structured means that it is quicker and more affordable than a court case..

Our Dispute Resolution Service

Setting the Bar's dispute resolution service is offered at a fixed fee of $10,000 plus GST with the process completed within a day. Any arbitration decision would be provided within two weeks.

Our process starts with a mediation. If agreement cannot be reached, the arbitration process commences.

Setting the Bar is designed to be carried out without lawyers or representatives present. Participants may choose to attend personally or attend via web-based video conferencing.

Before you can proceed with using our service, both parties in dispute will need to agree to take part. Upon completion of the Applicant and Respondent forms, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of Setting the Bar.

If you are the person (or organisation) initiating the Setting the Bar process, you will be regarded as the APPLICANT and will need to complete the Application Form.

If you are the person (or organisation) responding to the request for the Setting the Bar process, you will be regarded as the RESPONDENT. You will need to complete the Response Form.